There is a fashion show guest guide, help Xu Xinyin released Vicky ‘Z Vicky Z’ new family in October 29th, Xu Xin Yin children conference in Chinese International Fashion Week (2017 spring and summer series) on the success of the conference attracted a long, Zhang Li, Sui Junbo, Fang Anna and other famous artists and ginseng. This is the ‘Vicky’ Z brand since September this year, held a special release in New York fashion week, after the completion of the brand image of the international upgrade again wonderful debut. The new design on Vicky ‘Z – parent-child emotional attributes Xu Xinyin parent-child loaded the theme of the conference is "close", the implication of "love forever", "family". "Wei" and "Vicky Z" brand is born because of love, the core proposition with eternal "is echoed, and intimate relations continue, the perfect interpretation of the ethics of Chinese culture for thousands of years of beauty. The field conference show a total of four series of 89 sets of works, many of which work is Vicky Z returned from New York, a new design in a month, the public release of. From the design point of view, these works are still around the "parent-child outfit" emotional attributes in the deduction. In order to present the concept of "lean" theme in the field of release, "parent-child Queen", with designer Xu Xinyin a simple profile with warmth that cut and color to express the meaning of parent-child clothing. The use of color from shallow to deep, mint green, sky blue and several other color system in the gradual transition, to create a warm and gentle atmosphere of parent-child. In the part of the series, the designer also specially decorated with "family connection" in Chinese, meaning, design elements of the very Chinese symbols to echo the design theme, bearing the affection and love. The process details, this season is the use of design embroidery, jacquard, printing, embroidery and other technology, especially a high-end dress design Xinyin best from the details highlighted. See the national treasure "to" net fabric Luo "family" in the season in the design of the Song Dynasty costumes for designer Xu Xin Yin has an important influence, Xu Xin Yin from the Song dynasty women’s T-shirt style extraction design elements, design in line with the modern aesthetic needs of the fashion language, has become one of the biggest highlight of the season. Fabric, Xu Xin Yin in "Luo" in silk and satin fabric as a source of inspiration, developed unique yarn, silk satin Eugen and a variety of combination of traditional craft and modern textile technology, silk fabric. To express the meaning of "trap" with the fabric, showing the creative. In addition, the Western church ceiling line, formed the structure designs of the shading of the season, TPU has modern technology characteristics of the material also increased the sense of fashion design. Xu Xinyin expressed the hope that the Western symbols and elements combined with the eastern cultural heritage, to express the most modern parent-child fashion design. Accessories, this season to design Handmade, such as turquoise, jade, bamboo buttons, handmade crystal shoes, with the attitude of excellence of production, to perfect rendering of Vicky ‘Z brand new season design. Shareholders have himself, with a big show of core creative release in the field and the arrangement is very creative set highlights. It is understood that most of these ideas by domestic famous artists,.相关的主题文章: