The car kit can make any vehicles have become driverless car Tencent digital news (Hamish) is a company founded by Stanford University artificial intelligence researchers to start-up companies, the company is committed to the traditional intelligent vehicle research and development kit, then these vehicles become driverless cars by software. A few weeks later, the California headquartered in mountain view, the company will begin testing the vehicle equipped with sensors, these cars will be equipped with "deep learning" software, vehicle interface and installation prompts for pedestrians and other vehicles display on the roof, the display to brake, change or steering alert. technology for unmanned vehicles will be initially for those fixed line, including taxi service, car sharing and transportation service vehicles, the company has not disclosed the price system and the specific time to market. One of the eight co founders, CEO Carol Reilly (Carol Reiley) said that the smooth communication with people and other vehicles, is to ensure that driverless cars get accepted by the public key. "We are focused on building a new set of car language to help the car" express "its intentions and interact in a complex way with the inside and outside of the vehicle. The future of the car will be transparent to communicate with us, they will have their own personality, in the absence of human drivers, but also allows passengers to feel safe and comfortable." was founded in 2015, has raised $12 million. The day before, senior auto industry executives Steve Goski (Steve Girsky) will join the board of directors. Goski is a well-known automotive industry analyst and consultant, he served as vice chairman of general motors, during the tenure of the company after the bankruptcy protection of the renaissance. Goski’s knowledge and experience in the automotive industry will be of great help to, especially in the future cooperation with car manufacturers. Most of the founder of entrepreneurial inspiration during the Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, at the time of their study is the deep learning technology is applied to the vehicle system, the number of staff including CEO Samp Stanton (Sameep Tandon). Just as humans can learn by observation, deep learning algorithms can also use real road information to allow the car to learn to recognize objects and respond appropriately. Stanton said: "deep learning is the most complex form of artificial intelligence, is the best technology to intelligently respond to various road conditions. We studied the depth of learning technology from the early days of the birth of driverless cars. This is the real realization of the future of unmanned transport technology, we can use it to carry out vehicle navigation, vehicle interaction." According to a spokesman for the said the company has begun to contact with some car manufacturers, but has not yet reached a formal cooperation agreement with any one vendor. In April this year, for the first time in California vehicle road test相关的主题文章: