This is the story of Chongqing’s first sound issue of cross-strait cooperation – Beijing, China News Agency, Chongqing, September 25 (Zhong Yi) "as a native of Chongqing, I’d listen to the local folk story. But in recent years, I found that Chongqing’s local old story gradually there is no further mention, let alone get passed to the next generation." 25, Chongqing the first sound picture books, local folk tales to call "stone" officially published, 29 year old young illustrator Liu Heyue said he hopes to understand the history of Chongqing to allow more young people through the brush, love local culture. 85 after Liu Heyue from the age of 3 will pick up the brush creation, animation is a special liking. In 2010, he graduated from the animation, began to take root in the hometown, the local scenery as the theme of creation. Has independently published 4 personal picture book creation. "Call to the" stone story "King Yu combating the flood" stories from known to every family. The story describes the confluence of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, has been standing on a piece of stone called "call back stone". According to legend, this is Da Yu’s wife lady Tushan for her husband to return home from the success of flood control, long years of the day. "Since August 2015, I set out to prepare the call stone. This is a tiring but happy process." Liu Heyue said, in order to allow the creation of more specific, he went to the history of the "call to the stone location test, but also to the local history archives access to ancient books, visit the folklore research quite old, let the" stone "to call the heroine" Tu woman "and" Yu "characters more plump. "Call to the stone story aroused my childhood memories of the story" King Yu combating the flood. ". This picture book creation is very rare." By the end of 2015, voice of Xu Xian, Taiwan senior dubbing television drama "The Legend Of White Snake" Liu Xiaoyun heard from a friend at the Liu Heyue mining local history story, have decided to invite a friend to call Kang Dianhong together for the "stone" do sound story dubbing, opened the two shore "picture with sound story dubbed" cooperation. "I’ve heard a lot of Chinese folk tales. They are very interesting." Liu Xiaoyun said, through Liu Heyue’s explanation, she has a new deeper understanding of Yu, "hope, love my friends can also look forward to the China interpretation of traditional folk tales can spread farther." Kang Dianhong served as the TV series "romance in the rain" in the voice of He Shuhuan. He admitted that the cooperation, so that he saw the young people on the mainland to inherit the initiative of Chinese folk culture. "We have King Yu combating the flood" allusions for having heard it many times but in recent years we do less, see more Chinese mining history and culture, folk culture, traditional stories and other works." Kang Dianhong said, China culture is broad and profound, "I admire Liu Heyue finished the work made the whole picture of the single handedly, he adhered to the cultural spirit is moving." Kang Dianhong is looking forward to, more and more mainland youth can enjoy Chinese cultural charm, deep traditional culture, "sow some seeds, a good flower." "I will continue to be local, describes the hometown folk tales with a brush, let Chongqing" old story "with Shin)相关的主题文章: