Tianjin, the most cattle businesses to advertise for the battery fake a penalty billion (Figure) merchants in order to attract people’s eyes, playing the incredible advertising. Tianjin, Dagu on the South Road, an electric car sales shop actually hit the battery for a penalty of one hundred million advertising. If there is a fake, will be punished in accordance with the unit? Even businesses themselves can not afford to say. The shop owner hit "battery for a penalty billion" advertising signs recently, people see Mr. Sun via Hexi District Dagu South Road, a roadside shop selling electric car door hit the battery for a penalty billion "advertising signs. The shop owner is really not too ostentatious, the store is prepared in advance one hundred million yuan penalty? It’s unbelievable. After receiving the report, the reporter went to investigate. The electric car sales shop located near Dagu road and Hongze road junction, change the battery a penalty billion "red sign posted on the glass door very conspicuous. Reporters arrived at the scene, the shop owner is changing the electric car battery for the customer. According to shop owner, although the main distribution of electric vehicles in the shop, but also agents of the two brands of electric vehicle battery business. Merchant: "that which can afford to pay ah, this shop is not worth selling one hundred million ah." On the door of a false one hundred million for the battery, the billboard is the boss to hang up, I want to own the word, would like to express my battery no fake." Shop owner said. According to reports, the store’s two brands of battery manufacturers are regular manufacturers, each month for the replacement of dozens of customers, so far there is no product quality problems. Today’s battery technology is relatively mature, battery manufacturers are large enterprises, generally do not appear product quality problems. Therefore, the boss only played a fake one hundred million dollars of advertising board. If the store sales of the battery really fake, then the boss will accept the punishment of 100 million units? "That which can afford to pay ah, this shop is not worth selling one hundred million ah." Shop owner said. Market and quality supervision department: business advertising commitment exaggeration since that advertising commitments can not be achieved, but also made such advertising do not mislead consumers? The reporter contacted the Hexi District market and quality supervision and administration of advertising department, the staff said that the advertising business commitment exaggeration. Single from the advertising language, the commitment of one and one billion is not clear, whether the two are pointing to the battery or money, did not make a statement. Even if there is a fake, law enforcement departments will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the scope of punishment, to the punishment of 100 million units is obviously unreasonable. Such advertising signs inevitably mislead consumers. Staff will contact the local market and quality supervision and management of the investigation, and ordered businesses to correct. (newspaper reporter had news of New Media Editor Xu Dan)相关的主题文章: