Advertising Buying from online classifieds is the modern way to go antiquing .classifieds.ozfreeonline../. Traditionally, shopping for antiques and collectibles are done via antique stores or flea markets. But the advent of the internet has given the consumer a more convenient option. Before you start purchasing from an online classified site, it is important to know that you are buying straight from a seller, and not the site. Online classifieds gives you a channel to get in touch with hundreds of sellers for a variety of products. It is still your responsibility to verify the items you are planning to purchase, the terms of sale and even the reputation of the seller. Some online classified ads sites have a Verified Sellers program to help you identify which ones have a better chance of pushing through with the transaction. Additionally, some sites also offer tips for avoiding Internet scams. These are things you need to read up on before moving forward with the final sale. Next, antiquing online is different from buying clothing items or even electronics. Here are some tips you can follow when buying antiques and collectibles online: Know what you are buying. Everyone has a different definition of rare. If you are into collecting a certain line of items say stamps or coins know which ones have a high value because they are rare to avoid being scammed into thinking something is an antique when it is not. Check out the pictures. These can tell you a lot about the condition of the product. Those that are mint condition or in very good condition often fetch a higher price. Read up on the descriptions as well as these can provide you more information on the products value. Dont buy for the sake of buying. Collectibles are usually worth more for the owner than they are in the market. Before you start any collection, make sure its something you are interested in. Ask for additional information if you need it. Not everything can be seen clearly via pictures. You can ask about the interiors. For instance, if you are buying a rare book, you can ask if all the pages are .plete, if there are dog-eared pages or inscriptions in any of the pages. Dont hesitate to ask the seller questions if it helps you make a better buying decision. Consider your shipping and insurance options. If youre buying a high-ticket item that is fragile, you might want to ask the seller about your shipping options. Even if there is an extra charge for packaging the item and ensuring it, this is something you should consider shouldering as it is for your newly bought items protection. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: