To promote cooperation in scientific research in twenty-first Century environmental problems — Interview with Griffith University President Ian O’Connor? – International – Griffith University President Ian O’Connor? Accept interview (photography   He Ji) Sydney 30 September, Australia Griffith University was founded in 1971, is a comprehensive university, the quality of teaching and scientific research achievements in international reputation on. It is not only the first university in Australia to have environmental science projects, but also the first to open a modern Asian Studies in australia. The day before, President of Griffith University Ian O’Connor? In an interview, said, the school is committed to promoting scientific cooperation with all walks of life, to overcome the twenty-first Century global problem, is an innovative and forward thinking institution. Griffith University has 5 campuses, the main campus and its largest campus is located in Queensland, Brisbane and Gold Coast. Rankings, Griffith University ranked QS world university rankings 336th, of which, there are 9 disciplines in the top QS, nursing profession ranked the world’s top twenty-ninth. O’Connor also mentioned that in the University of higher education in the world the latest ranking of the Thames, in which there is a ranking of university students in the total number of gold medals won an Olympic gold medal, Griffith University total ranked ninth in the world at the Rio olympics. Vigorously carry out social activities to encourage students to practice O’Connor told reporters, in addition to paying attention to the students’ physical development of Griffith University, is also committed to creating an international classroom. The school has about 50 thousand students, including nearly 9000 students from the world’s more than and 130 countries and regions, Chinese students accounted for more than 2000. Learning and social participation of Griffith University attaches great importance to the students of Australia, and actively help overseas students to solve the obstacles of language communication, improve their English ability, so as to better experience life in australia. In addition, the University offers a combination of courses that allow students to participate in academic activities, while encouraging students to participate in a series of environmental projects and social activities. O’Connor shared that studying abroad in the process of actively participate in the University and local community interaction, and extensive local students, and students from around the world to communicate, can make students gain a lot. Focus on global challenges, efforts to improve the environment of Griffith University has focused on solving scientific problems of human faces in twenty-first Century and the problems to be solved, such as water resources, climate change, new energy and energy storage technology. In recent years, the school has made a lot of achievements in the field of clean environment and environmental science. O’Connor said, Australia’s University of rivers, water resources research team in Australia’s top university, the related research on the water quality, capacity and water demand; in the new energy, the school set up the concept of solar hydrogen teaching building — Samuel? Griffith center, set up solar panel roof during the day, sunlight time will generate electricity directly to the internal facilities, the remaining power is stored in the battery, and for making hydrogen by electrolysis, no solar energy supply)相关的主题文章: