Outdoors My travelling .panions and I left Perth in a depleted convoy of my campervan and one car, heading north along the coast to the Pinnacles. Anyone see Billy Connolly doing his naturist dance around them in his Tour of Australia TV series? Not quite so funny in real life (Billy not being there at the time) but spectacular none the less. We reached Monkey Mia in time for yet another amazing sunset over the Indian Ocean. It’s got to the stage where I’m be.ing .placent about sunsets / sunrises, not being much of a romantic. The next morning involved an early rise, particularly for the girls who got up around 06.30 to see the feeding of the dolphins. I fell out of bed around 07.50 having been told the feeding occurred at 08.00. Not sure whether I f.ot tell the girls … Having left Monkey Mia we drove to Shell Beach where instead of sand there were … shells. Millions if not billions of tiny little ( About the Author: 相关的主题文章: