Turkey has not been affected by the Iraqi government to invite two "Dazui cloth soldiers across the border war" – Beijing Mosul war has not yet started, the parties snatch power struggle began. In Turkey the government of Iraq without invitation, cross-border cloth soldiers outside Mosul, to participate in the battle for Mosul. The central government of Iraq’s Shiite led to extremely uncomfortable, repeatedly asked the latter failed to withdraw. The leaders of the two countries 12 again taking audibles, so this is the constant bickering between the two countries one disaster after another. Iraqi Prime Minister Abadi mouth does not suffer the Heidelberg? Abadi 12 on its twitter page to send such a message: "we will go through our people to liberate our land, rather than through the video call." He remarks came to Turkey’s president Recep El to hear? Tayyip Erdogan?. In July this year, Turkey attempted coup, El is on leave Erdogan via mobile phone video calling software CNN accept Turkish channel interview, called on the people took to the streets, hit the coupmakers. El’s pick the thing take the field battle is El’s slobber. He was 11, said in an interview "dirty" Abadi, "said the other level is too low," unworthy "and their dialogue. At the end of last year, Turkey to Baxijia area of northern Iraq troops, the name of training local Sunni militants and Kurdish militias against extremist organization Islamic state". Iraq said it had never invited to come to the soil, that this is a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of Iraq, repeatedly requested the withdrawal of the army. El Erdogan said 11, whether to participate in military action on issues related to the recovery of Mosul, do not have to seek other ways to earth. Mosul is the second largest city in Iraq, located in the northwest of Baghdad, about 360 kilometers, close to the border with Iraq and Turkey, is the Islamic state in Iraq stronghold. The Iraqi government is planning to retake the city with the help of the United States led coalition forces. Abadi, 9, said this month, in any case will not allow Turkey to participate in action in Mosul. Hezbollah also to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah involved? 12 in a religious ceremony in southern Beirut speech to Iraq’s Shiite "brothers" reminder. Nasrallah said that the Mosul action is likely to Islamic state armed men forced to the east of Syria, which is the United States, the trick, the Iraqi government should be vigilant. He said: "this hoax American design will make your victory cast to waste." He said, including Shiite militias in Iraq, armed Islamic state personnel should spare none or put into prison, not to flee to Syria, otherwise will have trouble. Wang Hongbin (Xinhua special feature)相关的主题文章: