TV drama "smiled very little"   " " sugar; more should be " nutrient " – the media – original title: "sugar" should be "nutrient" had this summer called "Mary Sue summer", including "Youth" so you’re still here? "Smile" "very little Girl 2" whirlwind, many youth love theme film and television works to get together on-line, seize the screen screen, a female audience poke in the heart of girl "". Among them, the "network novel smiled very little" adaptation of film and television has struck at a distance of just ten days, more become the focus of public opinion in a period of time. Especially the TV version of "smile" very little, with high degree of reduction of the high value of the plot, Yan starring and budding girl feelings, attracted the attention of the audience, playing in the amount of network platform has exceeded 10 billion. However, in some TV viewers are sweet to the rich love story was not not many, the other part of the audience that the drama has a high sugar content, nutrient deficiencies, lack of sense of reality and depth of thought. So, from a professional point of view, the youth of the subject matter exactly how to create it? As a youth love theme of the network novel, "smiled very little" for the computer department of a famous university Curve Wrecker flower shell is tiny and the great God jiaocao Xiao Nai from the network game acquaintance, love in real life love story lively and interesting, meet the reader of fantasy and romantic campus life love and countless powder. So, when the novel remake of the TV series of the news, immediately aroused the enthusiastic response of the fans. But with many of the current IP works because "God adapted" or "reduction" and the popular original fans criticized the situation is different, since the show aired not only won many fans of the original approval, also attracted a lot of "passerby" audience, this phenomenon is rare. A careful analysis of the reasons for its success, first of all because the play no previous youth common themes of abortion, car accidents, derailment and other special content, not the idea spread, no fuss, no more hysterical, but filled with a variety of student lovers along with love and love the classic plot details of the campus. For example, an early morning run, go to school, see her boyfriend’s basketball game, ask his girlfriend’s roommate to eat…… The creators of these authentic love through the daily humorous, warm and touching plot to show, so that the work is full of romantic atmosphere, causing the audience’s collective memories. Secondly, under the framework of the play is still the love of youth, joined the network game elements, the use of a large number of special effects to create a fantasy game scene, and the real star of the way to make the hero walk freely between the game and reality. This unique concept of open dimensional wall, not only make the game player online games have a strong sense of substitution, but also allow non online game player to see the online world a better side, become the innovation of TV drama. Again, TV series by author Gu diffuse Miuccia screenwriter, restore the height of the artistic conception. In order to make up for the original short, dramatic lack of creators to appropriately increase the number of vice line plot, such as between the light and the two Xi Cao soon, because of misunderstanding and KO friendship) Hao Mei相关的主题文章: