U.S. media exposure Yao Ming investment industry in Asia will promote the fighting fighting tournament – Sports Sohu   September 13th Beijing time, according to the famous American sports business reporter Darren Lowell reports, the former NBA star Yao Ming founded the Yao capital recently successfully acquired the famous wrestling tournament organization — the glory (Glory) fighting a considerable part of the equity. This also means that Yao Ming will be the next step into the fighting industry. Glory fighting is a new world class wrestling event organization, founded by the glory of the international sports company in 2012, its audience all over the world. Since its inception, the glory of combat has hosted 36 major events, during the game, they planned including Kung Fu boxing, taekwondo and boxing. Analysts believe that this investment, the confidence of the glory will be greatly improved. And after the investment, the glory will have more opportunities to promote and organize events in asia. After retiring, Yao Ming moved to the sea, and has been actively involved in various investment activities. In 2009, Yao Ming became the owner of the Shanghai sharks. In addition, he also served in the United States have their own winery in Napa valley. At the beginning of this year, Yao Ming and partners to create capital for yao. Today, Yao boss capital has purchased a considerable portion of the glory of fighting, which also means that in the future, he will continue to expand their business. Yao Ming is the highest in the history of the NBA champion and the first Chinese champion, but also a symbol of globalization NBA. For nine years, Yao Ming has been working for the rockets. During the period, he has been selected for all stars 8 times, the best team selected for the team of the 2, the best team of the team selected for the 3 time in three. Although not won a championship, but throughout his career, Yao Ming averaged but can get 19 points and 9.2 rebounds and 1.9 blocked shots. Unfortunately, due to serious injuries, Yao Ming had to retire early in 2011. Just a few days ago, Yao Ming was inducted into the NBA Hall of fame. Awards ceremony on the same day, his witty speech, but also sparked heated debate in the u.s.. In addition, according to Houston revealed that the Rockets will retire during the Spring Festival next year, Yao Ming jersey. (Poirot)相关的主题文章: