Beauty We cannot stop the natural aging process of skin. Eye creams and gels can temporarily relieve the signs of aging around the eyes. They can temporarily smooth over the fine lines around the eyes or fade the dark circles under the eyes. But as far as altering skin biology, just how effective are eye gels and creams? Simply put, it is unrealistic to believe that a small dab of even the best eye cream or gel will stop the natural process of aging. Skin consists of many layers- the outermost epidermal layer, the underlying dermis, and the bottommost layer of fat. Skin is .posed primarily of water, and proteins and lipids, or fats. The main proteins are collagens and elastins, which form a meshlike layer to provide structure, support, and elasticity in the skin. The cells that produce these proteins reside in the lower layers of skin. The top layers contain fewer cells which make another protein, keratin. As cells die, they move to the topmost layer, to be sloughed or washed away. The lower layers must produce new cells and proteins to replace the ones on top. But as skin ages, the cells cannot keep up production of collagens and elastins. We also lose the fats in the lowest layer. Thus, skin gradually loses structure and firmness as we age. Now you understand more that most skin renewal action is occurring far beneath the outermost layer. Eye gels and creams are applied on top of the epidermal layer and can really only help at that level. This is one reason why so many eye gels and creams contain alpha hydroxy acids, since these ingredients help exfoliate or loosen the top layer of dead skin cells. Eye gels and creams also help plump up the appearance of the epidermal layer by providing moisture. But as for any collagens or peptides that are added into eye products, it is unlikely these large proteins can pe.rate into the deeper layers where they are most needed. Whichever eye cream or gel you choose to use, understand exactly what these products can do for you. They contain no magical powers to stop aging. But they can help the appearance of your eyes and help you to look your best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: