Unemployed men posing as public servants to do accounts "cheat 7 women of color unemployed man posing as a civil servant Deng, claiming to be the people’s insurance department chief, has three sets of real estate, also forged military academy graduation certificate, through dating websites has swindled 7 women a total of more than 30 yuan. According to the police, in March this year, to more than ten years in the financial industry, Miss Wu in the dating site met man Deng, preliminary contact down, Dengmou gradually moved her meticulous and considerate. In the contact, Deng claimed to be a military college graduate, was the Secretary of a bureau level leadership work agency department, the agency department inspection section. During the two get along, Miss Wu Deng to considerate, very fast, two people established a relationship. In establishing the relationship between the initial, Deng inadvertently asked to settle the problem of Miss Wu, and very enthusiastically said himself as "people in the system, can help, but need all kinds of clearance fee RBI Geweiban board and people. At first glance, "this person looks quite certain to feel the ornamental and the combined plain properties, educational background. And exchanges, he made people feel very methodical, usually the way of getting along with people are very happy." Miss Wu recalls. In the meantime, Deng gradually made Miss Wu’s trust. In fact, to work for so many years in Shanghai, has not been so urgent to settle down. Just because you want to and he together, and he had the resources to make him well done." Miss Wu said. According to Miss Wu said that at first, there have been worries, but she also learned that it is necessary to go through different units, such as picc. "He just started just a few thousand dollars, the total for 60 thousand yuan, each time by different departments management artificial excuses to ask for money, and he particularly thought, every time you want all the money I can bear in the bottom line." Miss Wu said. Until June 2016, Ms. Wu found Dengmou within a large number of mobile phone and other female contact information, and content with their own experiences, she would see light suddenly, being found, immediately to the public security Changning Huayang Road police station. The police after receiving the report, immediately organized police force to carry out the investigation, according to the registration information, quickly locked the suspect and physical characteristics to track its foothold. October 19th, the police ambush waiting in a hotel in Changning, the suspect Dengmou captured, seized his crime on the phone, bank cards. After appearing in court, the suspect Dengmou soon confessed his own fraud. Deng phone, the police found that he was also on the other women weave a different version of the scam, a young woman surfaced. Since January 2016 to the incident, there have been 7 victims cheated, involving more than 30 yuan. The unemployed man claiming to be "chief" in the field of color dating sites often cheat or divorced woman to start (the video for extension) fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: