Movies-TV Mannsa Productions with a dream of letting the outside world know about the thought process of child and his parents and how the dreams later in life can be.e reality and also can let life show you the hardships it has is all about in the basket of USSEY KYA HO JAYEGA. Mr. Ajit Mann himself an ambitious businessmen with established garment segment who had in past had worked in few movies Bollywood , Hollywood and worked as stuntman and assistant director who owns Mannsa Productions read the novel titled USSEY KYA HO JAYEGA. Ajit instantly could relate myself with the novel and decided to start the project, the center character of the novel tanmaygives himself as well as to others a positive frame of mind that is not only interesting but logical and highly motivational, in addition it also highlights that how todays so called show off life unnecessary bringing undue stress to the person or society. Ajit felt that this message should be spread all over and for this I thought film is the best medium. Casually given statement took serious shape and Ajit decided not to go to Mumbai instead he brought Mumbai to Jaipur. He decided to do all the shooting in Jaipur and nearby places. He conducted first audition at Jaipur and selected 35 artists but still could not get artists for lead roles. For this further auditions were conducted in Mumbai and Delhi. Ussey kya ho jayega? an expression which is used .monly by people in their routine lives, has been presented in this movie in an unusual manner. During our life time, each one of us encounter a situation, may be in any walk of life, where we have the feeling of being defeated. Facing many such odd situations, how does the central character of the story, Tanmay, with the help of these very words, provides a different outlook to others as well as himself- this has been described very captivatingly in the movie Ussey kya ho jayega? This movie consists various messages for todays society which seems stressful despite of all possible efforts to get so called happiness. Not only the causes of problems but also the convincing and logical solutions are suggested to .e out of self-created stress with the help of these four words Ussey kya ho jayega in an entertaining manner in this movie. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: