Business For over 20 years Utility Survey Corp has been providing its customers with underground utility locating through its top of the line technology, including Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) . Utility Survey assures its customers the most accurate underground locating by using highly advanced equipment and having plenty of experience finding and interpreting data. Any potential risks to a customer will be significantly reduced after a utility locating survey. There are four essential parts to Utility Survey Corps business: utility locating, concrete x rays, utility mapping, and water leak detection. Utility Survey is able to utility locate underground so efficiently due to the use of GPR. There are four parts of utility locating that are used – the first being equipment. The equipment used for underground locating is a GPR known as the cart-type system. This is a GPR that sits upon a wheeled frame allowing the cart to be easily mobile. Having this essential equipment makes for an efficient and accurate project. The second phase of utility locating is the site plan. Utility Survey uses a specific color code in order to label certain wires or pipes underground such as television, electric, sewer, gas, and water. Each one of these lines has a specific color code in order to maintain organization. Experience and awareness of the surroundings are the last two elements of utility location. Over the past 20 years Utility Survey has seen almost everything. This vast experience means that the utility locating professionals Utility Survey Corp are capable of handling any situation. Additionally, Utility Survey Corp is very conscious of the surroundings and highly respects both the property and customer. Concrete x rays are another major aspect of Utility Survey. This uses GPR as well but in a different fashion. Opposed to cart-type GPR systems, x ray GPR’s are condensed handheld units enabling these NY utility locators to maneuver over a concrete surface. These concrete x ray are most .monly used to find post-tension cables, rebar, and live electric. Often these procedures are done in order to reassure a contractor of no potentially lethal or structural damaging wires hidden in the concrete. This can also be noted as utility mapping. Utility Survey Corp uses utility mapping in a number of situations. Some cases where utility mapping would be necessary are for forensics, environmental investigation, and cemetery mapping. In some circumstances Utility Survey is asked to detect a water leak. Utility Survey uses state of the art technology in their water leak detection. The Leak Noise Correlation is a highly technological device that uses leak sounding devices and electronics in order to accurately find the source of the leak. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: