UZI live play broke the news: go A to S7 heroes too tired to play as we all know, in the LOL ADC hero is divided into two kinds, one is like ember, EICH functional ADC, generally they need not too high positioning techniques can play a role in the war, and some like the mouth, jinx this naturally depends on the location of various show operation, not only need to have a fast hand speed and responsiveness to the brain also has a very big test. For UZI, he became famous in the VN, A output can be said to be his special skills, but the recent live in UZI, but this kind of hero call really a bit too much. For example, when you play a few live broadcast yesterday Jin Kesi, go a extremely smooth. There is a way down a person on the opposite side of the line ADC, and then the widow came up directly to the big uzi. Uzi flash (do not remember if there is no treatment) to the direction of the river, opened about three hundred yards away, walking side a and other teammates support. Look at the whole process, after being a widow and hit a set, jinx moment to wire the blood, just until the last teammate is about five or six seconds. The equipment was endless hurricane Doran, armor did not bow out, no artillery regiment war after synthesis, wave hand will take a rest. He also said that this kind of hero walking A Jin Kesi really can not stand, completely unable to carry. At the end of the game, the audience barrage called his attention, he said it should pay attention to have retired, if must continue to fight back to play. Some people say A and VN go Tucao jinx go A is not a grade, indeed, in the A attack speed is the highest hero inside the mouth and jinx jinx, especially the previous version of the mouth and the passive brush up, go up to attack a A. The UZI is really a big problem now, this we have heard in some of the previous reports, he also said that the South Korean players playing more than and 10 hours a day, he also wanted to fight for a long time but the hand can not stand. And the injury has been a major obstacle plagued many occupation players, small age every day to sit in front of the computer for several hours, hands, waist and spine into the largest part of the problem, I hope the club can pay more attention to health problems under the player, don’t let him become a stumbling block in the dream. (the Taurus gaming)相关的主题文章: