Electronic Cigarette Is And Best Alternate Of Traditional Cigarettes Posted By: Lisa Locy For those people who want to embrace a new lifestyle, latest technology and trends matter a lot. Talking about smokers, those who want to adopt a healthier way of smoking, the electronic cigarette is a new trend. This electronic device is considered to be a miracle of science as it has made lighters and matchsticks a thing of the past. They no longer have to search for a fire source to enjoy their smoke. The e-cig has come up as an easier solution as the smokers can light up their cigarette simply by puffing it once. Moreover, those who smoke an e-cig are considered to be cool and smarter than those exhaling that stinky smoke and looking for trash cans to throw away the butts. Some of the smokers also take e-cig more than a miracle as it renders them a rather easier way of enjoying their smoke without actually smoking. This allows the smokers the smokers use this electronic device the same way they used the tobacco smoke, but without using any fire source to light it up and without producing that smelly and harmful smoke.

vapor Say No To Tobacco- Turn On E- Cigs Posted By: Lisa Locy Why tobacco smoking is bad? Smokers find it very difficult to quit smoking as this bad habit somehow becomes an essential part of living. Stress is the main reason why smokers are drawn to smoking tobacco cigarette. This stress may be due to their job or their personal problems. Besides stress there various other reasons of why people flip to cigarettes. Although difficult, but quitting this unhealthy, toxic habit is something a smoker must do. This habit will not only put your health in jeopardy but will also harm the people around you. Ways to quit smoking Good news is that there are various substitutes available in the market to replace a cigarette. These include gums, nicotine patches, lozenges, nicotine inhalers, nasal sprays and many more. All of these may or may not be the perfect ways to quit smoking. However there is another product known as a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette, which is a recent concept that claims to be a healthier alternative to cigarette smoking. What is an e-cigarette or electronic cigarette? E-cig short for electronic cigarette is one of the latest inventions for smokers which follows the concept of producing smoke without fire.

kanger vaporizers mods vision E-liquid E vapor E-cig Parts Posted By: Lisa Locy We all are aware of the dangers of smoking a tobacco cigarette. Quitting smoking is something very hard for a nicotine addict. To combat this, technology has found a way out in the form of e-cigarettes. This vaping device allows the smokers to enjoy nicotine without the dangers of tobacco, smoke and tar. The electronic cigarettes offer the pleasure of a traditional tobacco cigarette without causing fatal downfalls. In an e-cig, liquid nicotine in very small doses ranging from 0mg to 24mg takes the place of tobacco. Clean and odorless vapor replaces the harmful smoke while the reusable lithium ion batteries take place of chemical laden filters. Let us discuss the main components of an e-cig below: Battery of an electronic cigarette: battery is the main component of an electronic cigarette. On pressing a button on the battery, a sensor inside triggers the smart chip microprocessor signals the e-cig to turn on the atomizer in the cartridge is then charged. It is always better to charge these batteries to their full capacity before using the e-cig for the first time.

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