Violet science set by adjusting the program over 80% small shareholders against fruit hot column flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the purchase of new shares: the stock market is the most simple way to pick up the money Securities Times reporter Tang Qiang said, honesty, mutual trust fair? Sorry, the capital market will not pay attention to this "quack" Men’s feelings are changeable., is about the reality and interests! In 2015, to undertake takes stock of education privatization return to A shares, violet, (000526) out of 5 billion 500 million yuan worth of fixed growth plan, in addition to the payment of education equity transaction price, will invest 3 billion 200 million yuan in the construction of Beijing Ancient Chinese Literature Search education school and other two projects. After a year, the securities times · E, the reporter noted that the study on the purple set by the program for the three amendment, has been completed to borrow money education acquisition, international school project started at the same time place into Xiamen and Anji, the two set by the project investment is expected unchanged. Net profit by 80 million yuan. The move has strongly opposed the violet science of small shareholders, 1565 shareholders or representatives to participate in a recent interim general meeting of shareholders, and the last 99.9% of the votes to 81% votes against the reversal. In the face of this situation, violet science with the former controlling shareholder of "escort", "force" by the motion on the increase. Some market participants said that violet science follows the surface normal operating procedures, essentially a serious breach of the small and medium-sized shareholders will damage the interests of small investors. Set by motion Ceng Chao passed back in time to August 2015, Yinrun investment (violet science predecessor) release set by the plan, the company intends to issue 288 million shares of 19.13 yuan shares, raising a total of not more than 5 billion 500 million yuan. According to the disclosure of the initial plan, 2 billion 300 million yuan to be used for the acquisition of 100% stake in science education, 1 billion 760 million yuan for the establishment of the school of international education investment services company (hereinafter referred to as the "education investment project"), 1 billion 440 million yuan for the construction of online education platform (hereinafter referred to as the "online education project"). To be set by the case after the implementation of purple Yucai Yinrun investment will hold 27.79% of the shares, and become the controlling shareholder of the listed company; at the same time, Tsinghua holdings group company subordinate by violet violet and purple Zhuoyuan Yucai Yinrun investment indirectly holds a total of 31.7% of the shares, the actual controller to be increased after the issuance of listed companies. In addition, Yinrun investment initial No. 1 ESOP intends to subscribe for 200 million yuan set by shares, participants for studies of core employees century, science information and its subsidiaries, is not expected to more than 5000 people total number, sources of funding through self completion, survival period of 60 months, the lock up period of 36 months. Data show that education was founded in September 2001, is a focus on personalized education chain development and cultivation of students’ learning ability, learning community, family education research and consulting and tutoring services of national institutions, it is listed on the NYSE on相关的主题文章: