UnCategorized Whether you want to cut the costs of calls, network multiple offices and employees or look for flexible telephone systems, it is high time to pay attention to top-of-the-line telephony solutions. By taking advantage of innovative products like hosted VoIP (Voice over the Internet protocol) systems it is possible to facilitate operations at your workplace, as new business communications offer four attractive benefits for contemporary commercial enterprises. A substantial reduction in costs without the compromise on audio quality VoIP technologies send regular voice calls over the Internet instead of using conventional landlines, allowing you to save on long distance and international calls. In comparison to standard phone lines, VoIP systems convert voice into digital packets, transmit them via the Internet and convert back into analogue signals without any sound distortion. When it comes to costs incurred, installing new telephone systems may seem a bit pricey but all the expenses pay off with lower bills and satisfied customers. In addition, reliable suppliers of VoIP business communications often charge nothing but a monthly fee which is cost-effective in case you are going to make a great number of lengthy international calls on a regular basis. Increased mobility for distant employees and busy top managers When expanding to new markets or working from home, use VoIP solutions to centralise work in your office and keep in touch with your colleagues. More and more international corporations are taking off today which means that increased mobility is required for fruitful and productive operations. With the help of innovative VoIP systems you can communicate with your colleagues from all over the world as innovative systems allow you to combine multiple offices on a single phone system. Besides, it has never been easier to communicate with your clients and partners on the go as cutting-edge business communications enable users to make video calls on their mobile devices over WiFi and 3G connections. Value added call routing features State-of-the-art technologies incorporate useful features that may help you send and receive all the crucial data at the click of a mouse. Superior quality systems feature voicemail and unified messaging, abbreviated and group speed dial, call pick-up and forwarding, priority calls and queuing, to name only a few. VoIP business communications incorporate such features as conference calling and meet-me conferences, so you can hold video calls with your partners and clients at any time. Keep in mind that superior quality Internet connection is required for best results. Security and safety of communication Innovative telephony solutions incorporate security features to ensure you get the most out of your operations. Superior systems feature session border controller security that effectively safeguards your network against service disruption problems and protects the privacy of your IP address from thirdparties. It means that you can discuss any business projects without the risk of being overheard by your competitors. Remember that enhanced communication is often the key to strengthening long-term relations with your existing clients and winning new contracts. To sum up, by taking advantage of VoIP business communications you can enjoy the following benefits: costs reduced to a minimum when calling abroad, increased mobility, value-added features and enhanced security of your business information. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: