Wang Longhua Luhan Li Yifeng: who is the real white shirt man of God? Tencent entertainment news every girl era, there is a man wearing a white shirt. The white shirt, is also known as a standard test of God, whether it is intellectual, or cool or warm, male, or small fresh, just a white shirt immediately sentenced to compete. We love these little meat who is really a white shirt man of God? Big eyes Wang Longhua is really envy ah, Kami Toshiro looks like, "flower" is! Squandering charming eyes look forward to Long Bao new "Chonger"! The recent hit "smile" in very little Yang Yang with a white shirt ring countless powder. From the wedding of Yang Yang, with grass temperament, is harvester of white shirts, clear outline, resolute face is like a big brother next door, pure and fresh flavor of the absolute standard of University mentor, are teenagers! Veteran Wallace Huo straight face to wear white shirts, high cold cool xinshounianlai, although the name of the main grass, but the enthusiasm of the fans did not be weakened. Have a pure dream and clean young boy Liu Haoran, put on a white shirt seconds to become a good man, with some simple decoration, quite a light cooked flavor. Natural adorable fawn, white shirt in the magic of the fierce change to show their side the ornamental and the combined plain properties metrosexual man, elegant gentleman, he is also looking frown, showing a bohemian dandy atmosphere? Let you have to love. Love funny William Chan, wearing white shirt really brighten, Piqi not clean, the cynical dandy, immediately awakened female man inside the bird, want to bend his little grandma ~ small Ye where Wu Yifan is Yan value play, closely linked to the neck of bring out the taste of abstinence that is a European style luxury, can think of a white shirt out of Chinese men rare nobility is only Wu Yifan. Li Yifeng was wearing a white shirt appearance, handsome face, no other complex decoration, just quietly sitting there, you can instantly captured the hearts of thousands of girls!相关的主题文章: