Watch pioneer animation is actually 50 Fen special effects? Professional interpretation of Blizzard black science and technology from the knowledge, the author water five, has been authorized by the original author reproduced, the original address. Alas, always wanted to "watch the Animation pioneer" say a few words, in fact, read a lot of comments, many people think that Blizzard dad really NB animation technology invincible Diao fried days, budget endless burn burn burn, is Blizzard film studio. But in fact, we do not know, and we want to be the opposite, blizzard in the vanguard of the animation on the use of low cost + fast production concept, this is the most horrible place. CG is completely different from the previous policy, the cost of Warcraft CG, such as Wrath of Lich King 3 minutes to start the animation costs $20 million, close to $10W per second to cost. The cost of a mother’s egg than the so-called blockbuster movies. "Watch Animation pioneer" at that time, a good gay friend and animation, special effects discussed how much is this fuck cost, in fact speculation is used for low cost method, but Blizzard do before is the high cost of Kentucky luxury package, so everyone has always been controversial, do not believe that this is a low cost. And then in the blizzard of the United States Department of Chinese cattle in the circle of friends confirmed that this is a low cost and fast production of Redshift rendering of the short film. Redshift is a GPU renderer, in short, is a word, I only say once". We all know that CG animation is a very frustrating thing, a frame rendering may be a few hours, once found mistakes to be corrected, and got a few hours, but REDSHIFT is the first GPU renderer, the speed of the lever can be increased to more than and 10 minutes. Technology is not too much to say, too complex, interested to see almost column. Of course, no universal panacea world, fast price is sure there are a lot of problems in the screen performance, but there are a lot of BUG, many important scenes do not set, such as explosion, hair, fluid and close range effect is not delicate. Special effects and materials and many other aspects are not as good as traditional methods. Anyway, Redshift rendering of the film have a "naked" feeling. "Watch pioneer" is no exception. Can be compared to the "vanguard" and "panda mystery" CG, you can immediately see the gap between low cost and film level. Judging the cost of an animation, fluffy and bare is an important indicator (see for details). Such as "the last fortress" in a large number of "lazy" method, such as the rain is the foreground layer, no water and the role of interaction, using a lot of Matte Painting, even the visual explosion battle camera near far several layers of synthesis, kept shaking lens cover BUG. It is easy to see the domestic team of animation technology, and Redshit, for example, is now widely used in China because of its fast qualities. The last time I saw a domestic animation of the word is: use and "watch pioneer" animation with paragraph Technology, writing a copy of the.相关的主题文章: