Welfare to! Three step treatment of dying "cancer" – Sohu health of non lactation mastitis more common in young women, has nothing to do with the onset of birth lactation, mostly unilateral disease is a rare and special type of chronic non bacterial inflammatory lesions. The extent of the disease and the rapid development and easy to be misdiagnosed, disease duration (3 months ~30 years), the curative effect is poor, is recognized worldwide as the Department of breast Difficult miscellaneous diseases, often referred to as "cancer death". In March this year, just married a long time, Liu came to our hospital. According to Liu, 3 months ago, no obvious incentive began left breast pain, followed by mass with local swelling, has been treated in a local hospital, but repeated illness, lingering; 5 days ago left breast swelling and pain aggravated again. We found that Liu left breast swelling obviously, local skin fever, diagnosis of granulomatous lobular mastitis. According to the actual situation of patients, we treated with small incision drainage of pus, anti-inflammatory, and treated by traditional Chinese medicine decoction Rukangding Chaiqin decoction, Shugan Sanjie, heat clearing and drainage. Liu left breast swelling and pain disappeared after two weeks, syndrome of stagnation of liver qi, continue to strengthen the Ruanjiansanjie treatment, given to wild chrysanthemum, Herba Violae, and Prunella, peel, 14 oral agent. 20 days later, Ms. Liu referral, the left breast mass was significantly reduced, sinus depth significantly reduced, no pus outflow. In patients with chronic illness should consider, reinforcing the righteousness, to Qiling Rukang Decoction of 7 agents, consolidate curative effect, after half a month. Coincidentally, 34 year old Lee by right breast swelling ulceration for 5 days, in February this year to the hospital, after careful examination for the diagnosis of plasma cell mastitis. Chinese medicine believes that the disease is due to liver by Lee Yun heat, toxic heat dampness caused by, for the right breast biopsy under ultrasound positioning and extraction of breast abscess after operation, to be a lot of sterile gauze bandage; at the same time, be Rukang Chaiqin Decoction oral agent 14, Shugan Qingre Sanjie, pus. 3 days after the review of color Doppler ultrasound, there is still a liquid, for the second suction, about 10 ml of light red liquid. After three times of continuous aspiration, no obvious effusion was found. After 1 weeks, the patient was cured by the right pressure bandage. The above two cases belong to the non lactation mastitis, such diseases without definite etiology, complicated pathogenesis, there is no unified treatment method. West hospital with surgical treatment, such as incision and drainage of the abscess, breast section resection, subcutaneous mastectomy + implant prosthesis, some hospitals try to use anti tuberculosis therapy and hormone therapy, can achieve a certain effect. However, patients with breast lesions after surgery, and prone to repeated attacks, and even more after the onset of the disease is still full of breast. I summed up the Institute of non lactation mastitis in traditional Chinese medicine "three step treatment" in many years of clinical practice, and comprehensive treatment of patients, curative effect. The first step, health education. The doctors were introduced to non lactation mastitis incidence characteristics, clinical manifestations, pathology, matters needing attention; through the communication with patients, to eliminate the fear and depression, improve treatment of confidence. The second step, syndrome differentiation. Chinese medicine believes that nipple is the liver, the breast is the stomach, if known as milk相关的主题文章: