Wenchang: Here you are worth a visit to reason now autumn, the climate began to no longer hot and winter yet to come. National Day holiday will come again, this may be the best month of the year to travel. If you want to avoid the peak of the National Day holiday to go out to play, Wenchang is definitely a place to go. Wenchang is a natural gift of a tourist paradise, here the mountain sea bright, pure, more modern space Town, quaint century mansion…… It can be said that Wenchang is a place to meet all of the mountains, sea and sky. Delicious Wenchang chicken. Tam cattle sent to the village of · the most authentic Wenchang chicken Wenchang chicken ancestors, is said to originate in the town of Hainan Island County, the town of the village of the town of cattle. A village of chicken to eat the fig tree seeds, coconut or shredded meat slices, stocking time about eight months after the change in the chicken bone, fat cakes, steamed steamed, with ginger, mountain grapefruit oil for seasoning, delicious smell fragrant, eat, difficult words, can be described as the top grade. According to legend, the Ming Dynasty Chenghua years Wenchang Xing Yu in the official, took village chicken please Ming Dynasty emperor taste, emperor to eat after praising: "chicken Culture Village, chicken is also sweet, Zhennai Wenchang chicken". Because the chicken cunye by the given name, Murasa Eiko, the village named a village, the village has also become a tan cow authentic Wenchang chicken origin. Traffic guide car route: the coastal highway, traveling about 31.8 kilometers, roughly along the slope right into the exchange, Dazhipo exchange, travel 628 meters, go straight into the Garden Street, northeast along the Garden Street, running 47 meters, right before the turn into the new road, along the new road to the East, running 70 meters, the left front turn into Joan Jiao street,   to the northeast along the street; Joan Jiao driving 773 meters, turn right into S201. Along S201, drive about 6.5 km, turn left. Along the road, traveling about 10.1 km to reach the destination. Riding eight bay. Swim eight Bay greenway · enjoy the sea forest good scenery eight mangrove forest sea "Forest Park" reputation. The variety of shapes, with luxuriant foliage, charming scenery in different poses and with different expressions. Area of ten thousand acres, there are more than 19 species of mangroves, accounting for more than 90% species of mangrove species in China, is the largest species of mangroves in China in the local area of more than 34. In eight Mangrove Bay, you can walk or ride on the boardwalk. Along the way through the ancient lush mangrove, everywhere lush, fresh air, beautiful environment and quiet, let your eyes. You can also enjoy the delicious seafood, can rent a bike ride on the boardwalk, see the local people with ancient shrimp fishing nets. Traffic guide HaiKou East Railway Station or station to ride to Wenchang long-distance car, in the city can get off to rent a motorbike to court the swamp, can directly get off at the seaside mangrove. Self driving tourists go to leave the City Wen Wen highway, after turning head court, could have been the easy road along to the beach in front of the primary school from the court. Hundred years with home. Gao Lin walked into the house with overseas Chinese mansion photo · listen to the old story of Fu Jiazhai also called pine house, located in downtown Wenchang.相关的主题文章: