Wenzhou women’s sleep trapped inside the bus woke up collapse Ms. Zhang Wenzhou Cangnan recently suffered the bus, trapped inside the embarrassing things. She slept on the bus, woke up and found the car has arrived, the door is locked, and the dark around the empty panic, she hurried to beat the door, passing police, heard the sound of smashing car windows turnaround. November 7th 21 am, Cangnan County Public Security Bureau of Jinxiang police station after the case on the way back, after the nearby gold Township Dongmen station, find a bus stop in front of the station, a car came knocking. The police feel things are strange, came to see, and found a middle-aged woman was beating the window, shaking the door, should be trapped in the car. Police around the car, found that the bus windows are closed, can not be easily opened, the only window can be opened in the vicinity of the driver, but because the window is too small, people can not climb out. Police tried to contact the owner to let him back to open the door, but for a time can not get in touch with the owner. At this point, the woman in the car because of emotional excitement and began to burst into tears. In desperation, the police had to use a portable equipment will be driving a knock on the window glass smashed, the woman rescued. After understanding, Ms. Zhang day to catch the last bus from Wenzhou to Jinxiang on the train, sitting in the last row of seats, because the night before had a good rest, he fell asleep. The vehicle is about 8 PM low to Jin Township Dongmen station, while sleeping her unaware, because the driver did not pay attention to estimate the dark to the back of her.相关的主题文章: