What car to buy, these large space 7 medium-sized SUV10 landing – Sohu car ready to buy a car for you, but also for which car space larger and tangled it? If I choose to do, but also what to buy the car, opened in the new era in the second large space of 7 models is the kingly way. Especially SUV is becoming a hot moment, a good enough 7 medium-sized SUV are often the most exciting, today we bring a wave of dry cargo, these 7 medium-sized SUV have a large space, and the floor price of only 100 thousand! Changan CX70: with data to speak, it has sold over 10000 monthly! Manufacturers guide price: 6.89-8.49 million Changan appearance already CX70 it will "sell", square body, high and mighty face, ordinary people only look at it will know the identity of the car in large space. In terms of body parameters, Changan CX70 length width height reached 4680mm, 1800mm and 1750mm, 2780mm wheelbase to achieve the longest. CX70 car using the 2+3+2 classic 7 block layout, compared to the performance of the general layout of the front and rear space, CX70’s head space is very prominent, which is undoubtedly a big high gospel. Under normal conditions, the CX70 trunk and there is no ordinary family again, but when we put third row of seats, in front of the storage space is still quite attractive! Changan CX70 market stabilizes, its monthly sales volume has been maintained at around ten thousand, but this is not an easy thing, but due to its large space, CX70 distinctive interior also contributed. Seagull modeling of the central console decorated with silver black double color decorative plate, the whole is full of vitality. 8 inches touch screen support for car interaction and car WiFi, which is very close to the phone syndrome appetite. Also worth mentioning is that the function of the direction of CX70 leather wrapped wheel grip good, barrel type instrument Pan Manfu dynamic, young consumers will be more popular in it. Dongfeng scenery: this price ratio, recruits young people can hold back? Manufacturers guide price: 7.29-9.99 million Dongfeng scenery is a large 7 SUV latecomers, overwhelmed by the reasons for the list is very simple, beautiful and affordable! Rising waistline let scenery 580 does not seem bloated, the tail wing and duckling roof rack other bright highlights, and the other 7 seat SUV rough mighty different scenery, 580 show more sports and fashion. Scenery 580 interior uses a T type layout is symmetrical, showing a fashionable sport style and consistent appearance, the console is a 10 Inch Touch Screen in the control with black paint, decoration gives whole beautiful sense of it. In addition, the scenery of the 580 cars interspersed with a lot of imitation carbon fiber trim, although its texture is flat, but the visual enjoyment is not bad. Power is another factor in the assessment of the 7 SUV, in this regard, the scenery of the 580 also showed its youthful demeanor. 1.5T with 1.8L, manual with CVT, rich power options to meet the general people without any problems. Among them, R相关的主题文章: