Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Champagne represents many things for many people. The taste can remind you of your 18th birthday, of the day you graduated, an engagement and then a wedding. A Champagne gift is one of the best gifts you can receive as it usually signals a reward for something you have worked hard at. Whether it be an exam, a milestone in terms of age, or a relationship that has developed. It can also be the sign of sophistication at an elegant and luxurious party. Champagne has a very distinction taste and texture that you only get from Champagne, and once someone has had a taste of expensive, quality champagne they will usually never be satisfied by a cheap version again. But have you ever asked yourself what Champagne is and why it is so distinctive? Champagne is actually a region of France in the far north, not far from Paris. If Champagne is not made in this region, then Im afraid it is not actually Champagne. The primary grapes that are used are Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. The reason Champagne has strong connotations of luxury, decadence and celebration is because of its association with the anointment of French Kings in Reims, with Champagne being served as part of the coronation festivities. The message of this noble association was spread throughout Europe by the royalty and powerful members of the Court, and became something that lesser members of society could only dream of. Methode Champenoise is the traditional method of making perfectly bubbling Champagne. The way in which Champagne differs from wine .es after primary fermentation and bottling. A second alcoholic fermentation in the bottle is induced by adding several grams of yeast and rock sugar. One of the great advertising triumphs of our time is the success story of how popular Champagne became and still is. Champagne houses have always promoted the sumptuous drink as a royal and aristocratic favourite. In late 1890, Laurent-Perrier claimed that their Champagne was the drink of choice for the European royal family and other nobles, knights and military officers. In the 19th Century Champagne was targeted to women, with Laurent Perrier again boasting that the female aristocracy in Europe all favoured Champagne to any other drink. Champagne has always been synonymous with celebration. It has been used to launch ships when a bottle is smashed over the hull during the hulls launch. And when London won the right to host the Olympics in 2012, a Champagne reception was held by the Prime Minister, Tony Blair. In recent times it has be.e the vogue to give Champagne gifts to loved ones for birthdays, weddings, graduations, and a whole manner of celebratory occasions. Coupled with the developments in the printing industry, this trend has developed further into personalised Champagne for giving a truly special gift. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: