Vacation-Rentals Indian wildlife is a mix of various rare species that belongs to diverse origins. This wildlife is preserved in the numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks spread across the country. Take an India tour to view India large mammals like the Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, Asiatic Lion, Leopard, Sloth Bear and Indian one horned Rhinoceros from a very close distance. Other well known Indian mammals like the rare Wild Asian Water buffalo, .mon Domestic Asian Water buffalo, Nilgai and Gaur can easily be spotted if you take a jeep safari or an elephant safari in one of the wildlife reserve of the country. Amongst the many famous wildlife destinations in India, the following are the most prominent ones and should definitely be visited once while you are in India for a wildlife expedition. 1-Corbett National Park, Uttaranchal Wildlife tour in India is in.plete if you do not visit Corbett national Park. Initiated in the year 1936 by Late Jim Corbett , the Jim Corbett National Park spreads across 201 square miles in area. Considered to be the best wildlife holiday destinations in India, this famous national park is situated in northern state of India, Uttaranchal. The rich flora and fauna of the park never fails to attract the tourists and has always remained a favourite destination for all wildlife enthusiasts since a very long time. It boasts of 50 mammal species, 110 tree species, 25 reptile species and 580 bird species. The major attraction of this national park has been the royal Bengal Tiger and the Asiatic Elephant. Expert nature guides are available in the park who will guide you through a jeep safari or an elephant safari to show you the best that the park has. The best time to visit Jim Corbett National Park is from November 15 to June 15. 2-Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan Located in Eastern Rajasthan, at the confluence of the Aravali hill ranges and the Vindhyan plateau, the Ranthambhore National Park is a delightful treat for all photographers, nature lovers and wildlife & adventure enthusiasts. Covering a total area of 1334 Sq Km two famous rivers i.e. Chambal and Banas flows through this park. This wildlife sanctuary is widely famous for its Royal Bengal Tiger reserve so take a tiger tour while you are in this part of India. Along with this, the other major attractions you will find in Ranthambore National Park are exotic birds, giant reptiles and various species of bushes and plants. Ranthambore is also categorized as a heritage site due to the presence of picturesque ruins of the lake palace and a majestic fort which date back to 1000 years. The Jogi Mahal and the Padam Talao are other unique examples of these ruins. Best time to visit this park is from October 1st to June 30th. 3-Bandhavgarh National Park, Madhya Pradesh The Vindhya hills in Madhya Pradesh houses the Bandhavgarh National Park. Though small in size, this national park is known for its highest tiger population. Covering an area of 542.40 Sq Km you will see that the park is dominated by Kingfishers and Egrets. Not only this, there are 22 mammal species and 250 bird species also in this park. This grassland consists of fauna like Chinkara, Wild Boar, Nilgai and Chausingha. Reptile population of Bandhavgarh National Park includes Cobras, Vipers, Karaits, Ratsnakes, Lizards, Pythons and Turtles. Two primate species – the rhesus macaque and the Hanuman Langur can also be easily spotted here. The best way to see the Bandhavgarh National Park is to take an Elephant Safari or a jeep safari. This will give you better chances of spotting a tiger. Besides its flora and fauna, the park is also famous for the Kalchuri archaeological remains and the Bandhavgarh Fort which are situated inside the park. The best time to visit Bandhavgarh National Park is from Mid-November to June. 4-Kanha national Park, Madhya Pradesh Take a tiger tour while you in the Kanha national park. You will admire this natural reserve of Madhya Pradesh since you can participate in a nature treks inside this park. This national park of spreads over an area of more than 940 Sq Km. The Banjar Valley and Halon Valley forests form the park western and eastern divisions and are famous for its deer & tiger population. Interestingly this national park is the sole habitat of the rare Barasingha species. The Bamni Dadar, a popular Sunset Point is the best section of this park since you can view the sunset at dusk from this place. he best time to visit the Kanha National Park is between the months of April to June and November to January. Well, if you too want to enjoy the fascination of the exciting wildlife tours of India, choose the best wildlife tour package. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: