Win10 browse the late photographic photo discoloration? A move to teach you the perfect solution I would often see a lot of photography enthusiasts in the photography community, in the end, Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 (hereinafter referred to as Win10) official version is not easy to use, it should not upgrade. Most people will think that new things always have new progress, even if you do not force yourself to pay attention to Win10, the next few years, Microsoft will be able to eliminate the previous system, the end result you will contact Win10. Computer operating system is closely related to our lives, especially for photographers, a system upgrade, often seriously affect the way they used to operate. In fact, I also use win10 for a long time, always feel there are no obstacles for a particularly large, until there is a time for the late PS, found a very serious Bug that comes with win10 photo viewer to does not recognize your post processing images. What the hell is going on? Is there a way to solve this problem? The author for your detailed analysis. A built-in photo viewer, Win10 how? Photographers for the late period of photography, in order to bring out the most beautiful color color, the most important thing is to have a good computer display. Not only does the professional display make you feel worse, it is likely to affect the accuracy of your later judgments on color. Yes, I want to say is a professional photographer, do photography must have a professional display. But! A professional display does not mean that others will be able to enjoy your beautiful color works! Because when you are likely to show in front of friends, is used with Win10 photo viewer. If you are not aware of the Microsoft latest masterpiece Win10 photo viewer. What is wrong with it, then the author will use the following picture show. A good tune in Photoshop color Win10 photo viewer to open the Adobe RGB file was covered with a layer of "grey" from above, we can see. After I took this photo of food (original format.NEF), followed by Photoshop for the color and the output of.JPG, so that software default Adobe RGB color photos cannot be identified by the Win10 built-in photo viewer. The effect is the default for you to cover a layer of ash. That is to say, you have a good tune color, finally see the results and even set up their own completely different! This for a photographer is like a bolt from the blue there! The study found that after, the situation will only appear in the photo viewer in Win10 (Win7 Win XP or not). I do not know what is Microsoft Win10 latest photo viewer did what the "hands", so that it can not identify Adobe RGB color, only know that you want to use the Win built-in photo viewer to view the file later, must use a slightly lower sRGB. About Adobe RGB and sRGB exactly.相关的主题文章: