Wong Cho Lam concert two couples will be on the same stage as his wife (Figure) – Beijing Wong Cho Lam (in) Beijing, November 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 1, Wong Cho Lam concert tour conference held in Beijing, Wong Cho Lam said he is open to sing, because his wife likes to sing at home. He said that the mainland tour to Nanjing as the starting point, will work together with his wife Leanne Li debut. Funny sell adorable, acting, singing music and lyrics, after twenty years, Wong Cho Lam has become a symbol of the entertainment circle symbol full of wit. With the variety show "brothers run it" hit, "run blue" Wong Cho Lam was known to the mainland audience. In fact, Wong Cho Lam is not on the screen funny sell adorable big boy, even singing acting, music and lyrics everything good, circle of friends is Wong Cho Lam’s song "exaggerated" and "night concert video shuabing". Shenzhen friends Zhang Yixiao flowers entertainment manufacturing hosted many United States and South Korea, the mainland star day tour concert, such as "brother character concert", "I am Gary concert," Gigi Gigi Leung "good hour concert", "Karen Mok World Concert", the national tour, Shenzhen entertainment people with rich experience, combined with its elite artists resources, build luxury singing team, with Wong Cho Lam as the core of the development of new concert mode. It is reported that not only electric queen Zhang Yixiao will participate in the concert team, at the same time, the wife of Wong Cho Lam, the International Miss Chinese champion champion, will also be on stage in the world, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the world’s first lady of the United States and China, the Chinese women’s champion, also will be on stage. (end)相关的主题文章: