Wuhan senior "double 11" mad sell shoes for three days to earn 27 thousand yuan double 11 online shopping carnival, many college students busy online panic buying, Wuchang Polytechnic Institute senior Xiao Tian was busy shipping, he founded the shoes trading company, from November 10th to 12 on the three day of the profit is 27 thousand yuan. The 21 year old Tian Xiao, is the business school accounting for 1307 classes of students, because love dress collocation, a freshman to start using the micro business model to sell shoes, on the first day sold 3 pieces of clothes and 2 pairs of shoes, earned 170 yuan. Freshman semester, he introduced through friends, quickly set up a team of 20 people across the country. Is it in half the time, through his micro business sales, sales and distribution of the entity outside the school supervisor mode has achieved good sales performance, sales reached 150 thousand yuan. In July 2014, in order to seek greater breakthrough, Tian Xiao project restructuring, in addition to all the money into it, but also to find relatives and friends to borrow money to invest, we will expand the scope of services into three aspects. One is the main fashion shoes, two entertainment, for example; business performance; the three is taken, including character portrait, merchandise display map, panoramic commercial map. In November 2015, his company was formally established, entrepreneurship on the right track, the current annual profit of about 300 thousand yuan. In June this year, his pioneering project won a bronze medal in Hubei province college students entrepreneurship contest. "In 2016, the highest monthly season, a profit of $one hundred thousand, a large team of agents and has more than and 200 people, many colleges and universities in Wuhan." Tian Xiao said happily, in the double 11 is busy, a lot of orders, three days of profit is 27 thousand yuan, one of the largest single amount has 385 pairs of shoes. Talking about future plans, Tian Xiao said that in March next year will also set up a store in the universities in Jiangxia area, the next line sales, hope your company next year to the number of agents increased to more than 600 people, all over the Hubei province each city, the monthly turnover reached more than 200 yuan. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章: