Xiamen, a man in the street to grab the child three years old boy was holding on the white car – the little boy walked out the door accompanied by parents. The white car into the lens. The man holding the child. Xiamen Network – Xiamen daily news (text reporter Fang Shuzhang, Yan Yu), someone robbed children!" About 3 pm yesterday, in Xing Lin Xi Bin Cun Shan Hou Zhang Road, suddenly a burst of shrill cries. Passers by look along the sound, I saw a man holding a little boy about three years old, on a white car. Soon, the car’s license plate was also witness exposure. Reporters later learned that the incident may be related to family disputes. Witness: I heard someone shouting that Mr. Du was one of the witnesses of the incident. Yesterday afternoon, a three year old boy, accompanied by the parents of the two, to Mr. Du’s clinic injections. Mr. Du recalled that two parents are a child’s mother, a pregnant woman, a child is a child’s grandmother. Before the child has been cold for two days, yesterday was the last shot. The child behaved, injection time did not cry. More than 3 points, after the needle, the children accompanied by their parents, left the clinic. Less than two minutes, Mr. Du’s wife heard someone shouting outside. "At first, it was not very clear, and later, it turned out that someone was shouting ‘rob a child’." Mr. Du’s wife quickly ran out, just to see the boy from the clinic to go out shortly after the mother and grandmother are running, seems to be chasing someone. This scene, Mr. Du also saw, when he heard the sound, immediately down to view the situation. There are enthusiastic people to help chase, but the child was picked up on a white car." Mr. Du’s wife said. Monitoring: the child was picked up on the back of the white car from the surveillance video, the reporter saw a child and his party out of the clinic three hours in the afternoon at 3 points, 08 points. After that, three people turn left. The boy is very lively, while jumping down to the street, a little walk on the side of parents. A young woman of three, should be the child’s mother, from time to time with the hand on the waist, belly very forward. Seeing a line of three people have been out of the lens, about seventeen seconds later, a white car into the camera, and at a slow pace before the last stop of the eight. After about 8 seconds, a young man holding a child, ran into the camera, on the back seat of the car. According to reports, the man is holding the little boy, while the white car is the Quanzhou license plate. Lens, the child’s mother and grandmother came up and saw the car to catch up when the car is accelerating away. Discussion: or with family disputes relating to the incident, there are those who claim to be informed that the incident occurred and family disputes. After the incident, Jimei police quickly involved in the investigation. Late yesterday, the reporter learned that the above argument about family disputes, has also been recognized by the police. Some netizens said, "his ex-wife (that is, the child’s mother) to grab the child". Currently, the police are still investigating the details of the incident.相关的主题文章: