Xu Dongdong also hit the face Baby Yang Mi Li Xiaolu, do you believe it or not? Want to see the "sins" are more than remember fulaoda hardbodies wife, during the period of university teacher Fu Guosheng fancy, Shen Jiawen was brought into the drug trafficking of no return. Her name is Xu Dongdong ha, a few days ago when she was a small video on micro-blog, netizens exclaimed after she hit the face of Baby, Li Xiaolu and Yang Mi! How is that possible? A person’s face to see the three actress? Don’t believe the point of open to see… Especially this, there is a kind of Baby on the wrong micro-blog feeling. Although this year hit the face of the Baby is also quite a lot of people, but like Xu Dongdong hit so hard ah! Hit the face Baby this point I was get, and you? This is possible in COS Yang Mi, are covered below half face this one difficult to say, a feeling like a Yang Mi like Li Xiaolu… And… Netizens think this super like Li Xiaolu, but I have seen more inexplicable compared Liu Tao feel ~ to see, you see at a glance the photos below, is not like the! However, looking at a long time is more and more many, I did not face blind…… in fact, this is the main reason of the girl’s makeup, because people are like this but to say the girl is really the point of photography. At any time that still have to face, in fact do not think she is who ah, she is a real Xu Dongdong.相关的主题文章: