Xu Wenchang: the new prospect of subject or the end of a special dividend of sina announced the Hong Kong stock columnist Xu Wenchang WeChat public number (xlgg-sina) I also stressed that the present financial market conditions, large-scale new investment is not sensible, expect new finance to complete the transaction as soon as possible even if the payment of 8 billion yuan from the sale as a special dividend of restructuring and put the sale of other non core assets such as Bank of Chongqing and so on, I believe the advantages of shareholder value and valuation system has. Management is concerned that once the completion of the transaction will be announced the number of special dividend distribution, it is good news. Just past the end of August, the new Department of large shareholders and Godahsing joint activities were most concerned about, is in two the performance of enterprises and financial news (440) special meeting of the shareholders, the two results are surprise is lacking, is also in line with expectations, but the most important is the new system in the management of shareholders the conference that, once completed the sale of new life insurance transactions will be announced at the same time a special dividend is generally estimated by the end of, it is worth looking forward to. The new Department announced in August 24th performance, Deutsche Bank said, based on better spreads and associated earnings, new bank (2356) the performance of the bank is expected to 3% wins, but the new financial reserves are higher because of 7% worse than expected, the bank cited management said it was still too early for life decided to sell the proportion of dividend income, but due to the existence of the enterprise may, two shares to maintain "buy" rating, but since the announcement after the new financial underperformed the bank, with special interest expectation, the tendency of the former. HSBC said, dragged down by big banks face the new financial challenges, but investors will be watching the use of funds after the sale of life, but the bank for its shareholders views carefully because part will be used for investment, but the price is only expected 2016 PBR 0.8 times, although the price has risen 34% this year but the risk return still attract, maintain "buy" rating, target price rose 4.3% to 62.6 yuan. Macquarie believe that new financial transactions to sell life will be completed this year, the Fujian Bermuda, Hongkong Taihe and Macao is seeking regulatory approval, the market focus is still the potential special dividend. But the Bank of the dividend outlook is more conservative, because the group’s core tier one capital ratio improved but still reduce the interim interim dividend, the bank maintained its "outperform" rating, target price from 76.7 yuan to 71.16 yuan. Dongsheng securities reported last week said that last year the new bank performance in line with expectations, expected this year net interest margin will be narrowed, and the provision for bad loans will rise, net profit slightly backwards. But research director Li Shengyang said that the new bank is one of the few mergers and acquisitions of local banks is not one of the shares, plus big new Department recently expanded its restructuring of enterprise action of imagination, to "buy" rating, target price is equivalent to 1 times PBR 16.5 yuan. I think the most important part of the bank, back 14%, can be accepted, but the loan impairment increased 78.3% or 140 million yuan, the mainland credit trends really poor, with the Bank of Chongqing also fell by 9.3% yoy, according to be diluted and the devaluation dragged, plus Chongqing bank loan impairment rose 1 times)相关的主题文章: