Yangzhou night driver was rear bayonet   the cause of the accident to be investigated — people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: rear bayonet, front deformation trapped driver fatigue driving? Rainy slippery road? To investigate the fire scene rescue. Around 2:10 yesterday, along the road along the river near the bayonet inside Yizheng, traffic accident. A truck in a traffic lights and parking lights, followed by a truck or car for more goods, slippery rain, the brakes in time, resulting in two car collision. After the accident, the rear of the car severely deformed, the driver was trapped in the cab, temporarily unable to escape. After receiving the alarm, the local police, fire, 120 emergency personnel rushed to the scene of the accident, emergency rescue. At present, the specific cause of the accident remains to be investigated by the police. Truck rear end, the driver trapped around 2:10 yesterday, due to slippery rain, a serious traffic accident happened along the river near a bayonet traffic lights along the highway in Yizheng province. Two cars loaded with cargo trucks to walk to the traffic lights, in front of a truck was stopped for a traffic light, followed by another truck brakes less, heavily hit in the front rear of the vehicle, causing the vehicle in front and moved forward a few meters. According to an eyewitness said, after the incident, the serious deformation after the vehicle cab, a car tires are knocked off, in front to the deep concave, the space of the cab was almost out of sight, the driver’s seat had been set up, the driver was standing posture. The windscreen of the cab is completely broken, the driver is leaning out of the body, and there is blood in his hand, but he is conscious. Between the two vehicles with a large number of vehicle parts scattered debris. After some effort, the trapped driver was stuck in the legs can finally be taken out, due to heavy leg injuries, can not be forced to move around, several firefighters came forward to lift off the driver, sent an ambulance. Or slippery due to rain brake less scene many people suspect that it is not the driver fatigue driving the rear end? In response to this argument, a rescue personnel at the scene said it is likely. According to him at the scene, only a driver behind the rear end of the truck, and the car license plate is not local, probably because sleepy cause. The scene of the accident, before the car driver said he was running to the incident because the front intersection is red, he slowed to a halt, who knows just stop by the violent impact, what cause the crash he was not clear. The car driver said his car pull over the goods, the day is bound from Wuxi to Shandong, when he was not sleepy, probably because the car heavy goods, the inertia is too large, coupled with slippery rain, before the car brake after their brakes less cause accidents. At present, the specific cause of the accident remains to be investigated by the police. (commissioning editor Geng Zhichao and Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章: