Yellow old driver bring with you: it’s cold, let us together – Sohu and love cooking together every Wednesday, in the "yellow kitchen seasons", Huang Xiaochu, delicacy and warm memories of solar term, accompany you for dinner. In the world, all emotions are temperature, 000 ingredients have character. A food, a meal, a taste, love, let us eat with the season, feel the gift of nature, let Huang Xiaochu accompany you, with the change of temperature and timing of ceremony, sharing all in a better life everyday. – – – the second quarter of ninth sets of · · small sweet and sour taste of love — want to know the yellow old drivers off the secret? – – – Huang Xiaochu’s sweet and sour spareribs in autumn have not been enough, even the beginning of winter, the weather in the north is frozen, the heating hasn’t come day, Huang Xiaochu girl every day with tears trembling and codeword, male colleagues said: "good cold ah ~ ~ ~" answer: "drink plenty of hot water""…… (perfect, I’m actually speechless) "and Huang Xiaochu understand, why their male employees are single (smile). In order to save their cancer patients not straight up. Huang Xiaochu took out his past hope, most of the routine! Serving! Materials — pig small ginger sugar soy sauce soy sauce cooking wine salt and vinegar — will be small steps according to direction of bone cut, chop into pieces of 4-5 cm. Hot pot of cold oil, add ginger, oil burning into 5 hot pot ribs, with small fire fry to join broken color; sugar, stir constantly until the fried sugar. Pour boiling water before ribs, add soy sauce, soy sauce, cooking wine, if not salty enough appropriate salt, stamped with a small fire to simmer for 40 minutes. Be sure to add boiling water, or cold meat in case of tightening, it is not easy to stew rotten. Open the lid, the fire with the juice, add vinegar at the same time, to continue to receive juice, sticky sauce, bullae, can be wrapped in the ribs on the degree. Sprinkle a little dry sweet scented osmanthus ~ waiting to accept the worship of the younger sister’s eyes will be the most sexy man! Tips — – Pig ~ your whole body is a treasure, Huang Xiaochu personally demonstrate how should eat ~ we usually buy meat will have a puzzle: is pork, is the meat, what is the difference? You know, the success or failure of cooking and selection of raw materials are closely related! Pork – marbled pork skin is taste and level of most parts of the rich, do Braised pork in brown sauce, Braised Pork, Dongpo’s braised pork and bacon must choose pork! This will not eat wood! The tenderloin tenderloin is two pig vertebra inside, meat is tender, cooking, barbecue, barbecue is very good, don’t like fat girls favorite fillet ~ – (bone) keel keel, also called the tibial spine, is actually a pig, not what meat, but good for soup, soup usually cooked for a long time, drink soup, but the meat is not tasty, with bone can avoid the waste, and in the bone marrow, boil out of the soup is very good oh. In fact, long – chops and a small branch. Steak is pork ribs with the meat more tender, crisp.相关的主题文章: