Yibin 95 teenagers leave school sold 18 birthday to buy Benz to buy a house (Figure) Chen Zhiquan 18 years old, for many people, or in the campus green time, or on the blackboard countdown from the entrance there are × × day, but for Chen Zhiquan, the 18 year old birthday this day he, already have their own a Mercedes C180, then bought a house home. Into the real estate intermediary industry less than two years, Chen Zhiquan sold more than fifty sets of real estate, but also accumulated a wealth of their own. Although he was lucky enough to catch up with the deep middle of the tropical Zhongshan real estate prices blowout growth, but also with his own hard work and efforts are inseparable. This slightly tender 95, choose a different path around most of my peers, now also out of their own wonderful. 17 years into the intermediary industry after three months into the first single business Chen Zhiquan was born in the end of 1997, after a standard 95, one eye still looks like a student, shy, steadfast, courteous, this is the first impression that Chen Zhiquan left. Chen Zhiquan’s hometown in Sichuan, Yibin (micro-blog), due to the work of his parents, he came to junior high school with his parents came to Guangdong, in the junior high school in. After graduating from junior high school, he returned to Yibin to read a secondary school, is the beginning of a computer science major, and then transfer professional auto repair. In the summer of 2014, Chen Zhiquan and his classmates went to Chengdu to play, in the street met with the development of leaflets, it was his first exposure to the real estate intermediary industry, then felt very interested. After returning to school, he read the book for half a year, feel that he is not reading material, they decided to give up reading to work. In January 2015, Chen Zhiquan returned to Zhongshan, into an intermediary company, because at that time he was just 17 years old birthday soon, and not with the company signed a formal contract, as an intern in the company. Before the line, Chen Zhiquan’s expectations for the industry is to have three thousand or four thousand yuan a month income is good". Everything is hard in the beginning, just join the first three companies, he also did not make a deal, the company can only rely on the basic salary of life at that time, he also wanted to give up, want to return to school, but eventually decided to hold on. One day in April 2015, when he was in the store shop, was a visitor to want to buy a house, Chen Zhiquan grasped this opportunity to succeed in doing their first single, sold a set of real estate property, got his first Commission, "is about ten thousand yuan, the feeling is very happy, feel to be a return, at the same time found intermediary feeling, more determined to do this determination." Chen Zhiquan told reporters. Time to sell 8 sets of large-sized apartment to pay only the return the second half of last year, with the depth of the channel is about to start the news spread, Zhongshan property market ushered in a blowout outbreak, started shortly after Chen Zhiquan catch a good time, Chen Zhiquan also made a few single Shenzhen passenger business, although young, but he is steadfast reliable image to many customers the impression, so customers recommend people around to buy a house to find Chen Zhiquan. And really let him.相关的主题文章: