Marketing Go Brand Yourself! Thats fantastic advice, but its certainly nothing new. Youve probably known for some time now that personal branding is the next phase of marketing. But what does it really mean and how can it make your life easier when being surrounded by fierce .petitors? One of the key aspects of personal branding is; personal expression amplified to influence and .mand attention. How do we achieve this? Simply by being interesting. So to help, here are my tips on how to jolt your audience into paying attention and finding your own x factor. Reinvent Yourself Madonna has perfected the art of reinventing herself to not only gain mass appeal but to engage generation after generation with her music. She does this in a few ways. Not only does she reinvent her look and go with a new theme for each new release, she brings on board musical collaborations with other performers who already have mass appeal with the next generation. In the past few years, shes collaborated with Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to attract an audience that has never been exposed to her cone bras. Where does this fit within your business model? Have you noticed that the age of your clients has shifted considerably? As the baby boomers gradually retire, we have a new market of individuals to target. What worked for the past generation may not work for the next. You may need to reinvent key things in your business: graphics on your website, the language in your promotional material and the way you engage your target audience. However, never – and I repeat never – change your logo unless absolutely necessary. If youve been around for quite a long time, this already carries substantial weight and prior investment. Innovate within boundaries. Refresh your look and messages in key areas to re-engage your existing audience and the next generation of clients to .e. Each reinvention has the potential to make you newsworthy. Youre boring the crap out of me! Consumers everywhere are being showered with marketing. Not only do we need to position ourselves very carefully, we need to create interesting stories and ways in which our markets can engage with us. People dont care about your business. They care about what you can do for them. They care even more if youve experienced the same kind of distress and challenges theyve experienced. You just have to have the balls to share it with them. In Australia we have a habit of keeping our dirty laundry tight to our chests, to make sure that others dont judge us. Get over it! Thats how you engage people. The greatest amount of power .es from vulnerability. When youre not trying so desperately to protect yourself, you can get on with the job at hand. No, we dont need to hear stories from the boudoir. But we do need to hear stories of where you first began in business, the challenges you went through and how you got to where you are now. And it must be shared in such a way that it contains zero promotion. This highly powerful marketing message doesnt cost you a cent. The trick here is to put it into context and reveal to potential clients how your story relates to them and how you can assist them with their challenges. The art of being interesting To be truly interesting and stand out from your .petitors, there are key elements you can throw into your marketing mix periodically to instigate discussion in your industry. To achieve this, consider the following: Controversial: Cover taboo topics within your field that others dare not touch. Quirky: Find a new, quirky angle on an otherwise dull topic. Were sick and tired of hearing the same old stuff. Be right, be wrong: Article marketing is a fantastic way to engage your audience. Be willing to be right and wrong within your articles. Criticism means people are paying attention to you. Credibility: Team up with big wigs within your industry and work on projects together. This will assist building trust and credibility for your business quickly. Close to Home: Make it highly targeted and close to home for your market. Is there something in particular within your industry that has affected them of late, i.e. the economy? Discuss this openly. Since the advent of the inter., businesses have posted substantial amounts of information on their sites to hit it big on Google. You may hold the number one position, but thats no good if you cant engage visitors when they click on your site. The next generation is seeking greater engagement on all levels, including relationships. Just how is your business going to connect with the next generation during this economic turmoil? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: