Yue entertainment released ten pictures of film and television projects two comic IP from micro comics in September 26, 2016, held in Beijing, the theme of lithography era as the "Yue" brand strategy conference. The meeting, lithography era released a new brand "entertainment jump", its "entertainment jump pictures" and "entertainment jump issue" appeared at the same time, and announced the first batch of 10 film projects, including the micro comic’s two classic IP works department can "lose weight" and "man Cougar log". The first release of the 10 film entertainment jump and heavy items, both with other excellent team of industry together to create a hilarious comedy and drama history, including entertainment studios to develop their own Yue pan entertainment IP, but there is no lack of re interpretation of the classic works. Such as the famous writer Ma Boyong IP’s classic "Changan twelve hour", and the penguin pictures jointly developed "log", can Cougar series IP, Dunhuang Magnolia dock and other large series of fantasy film IP, and "broken pieces", "weight loss man", "snow child", "Youth", "the dress of pet trainer juvenile" "strange," on our Marlowe movie series include audience comedy, drama, animation, suspense, history and other hot topics, will cover the movie and television series, network drama, animation and derivative drama, exhibition and other products. In the 10 film projects, two unique comic adaptation of IP are from the micro comic cartoonist’s signing can classic comics. "Man" can lose weight: the comic adaptation of the urban comedy film, CO produced by the perfect sky, micro cartoon authorization, served as executive director of the Hong Kong "embarrassed" Sue directed, the director wanted the precious spirit of refining the original author gave the heroine of the manga, gives the story enough charm, let the audience to watch the movie at the time the way, with the growth of the harvest to meet. The other part of the movie "Cougar diffuse change log" also from micro comics, the film will be the entertainment film and CO produced film penguins jump. The film tells the story of the little girls love comedy story, all the way from the girl grow into Cougar love experience. Yu Yue vice president Li Anning pictures said the hope will play a "Cougar" spirit, "Cougar" attitude to life, we want to bring you happiness spread energy, also hope that the show will form a new style, to create a new hotspot. As the leading comic book publisher and operator, comic book has long been committed to the production and operation of IP. In recent years, with the movie "micro comics diffuse change go! Tumor Jun "as a starting point, through cooperation, investment and resources integration, and constantly improve their own industrial chain, has formed a set of content production, distribution, film and television production, game development, advertising delivery as one of the pan entertainment symbiotic system. The two step pictures and entertainment cooperation comic IP "man" and "lose weight" is Cougar log, micro comics combined with downstream industry, an important move to Chinese animation IP full range of business development, believe that the two film will become the new forces of rich China diffuse change film market.相关的主题文章: