Ms. Cao Zhoushan a woman raising grandchildren 6 years on account of what non son flesh lived in Zhoushan in Shenjiamen recently Putuo trouble, first raised 6 grandchildren, paternity found not flesh and blood, then the child on the account was in trouble again. The child is 6 years old. She was raised by Ms. Cao when she was born in her hometown. The child’s mother child is Putuo Zhan Mao Lo people, children before the age of 20, was the son of Wang and Ms. Cao’s love, then Wang under 22 years of age, not to the legal age of marriage, two people are not married. The child was born after more than a year, children in prison, after no news. In order to give the child to register, Ms. Cao for the process to the police station to inquire, "the home of the police said the boy to paternity testing, identification of your son, you can give him into account." In May, they commissioned a Shanghai forensic forensic do a paternity test, but let them be startled at: the exclusion of the boy’s biological father wang. Police station said, in this case, we must find the baby’s mother. Ms. Cao told reporters, "to his mother and my ID card. And you can put the child birth certificate to run out, can run a police station." After several twists and turns, Ms. Cao found the child’s mother child, "she told me that my son and you can not, I can not say also never mind, you go, can you come back to see the child, she said when I grow up I will fuck him, I will be in charge of his money, this no contact over the years." Ms. Cao said, if the child’s mother to raise the child, they are willing to send their children to surrender, but must pay alimony child this six years, if not willing to raise the mother, she is willing to continue to raise children, but the mother must cooperate with the children for the household registration formalities, and the payment before six years and future support fee. Luo Men community staff communication after the child’s mother learned that the child is not local at present, about raising children, and willing to. Zhejiang six (Zhoushan) and lawyer Zhou Shizhong said, Ms. Cao and his son Wang mother child has the right to recover the cost of raising children, if Ms. Cao will continue to raise children, the need for custody determination, we must first ask her and the written opinions of her parents, they made it clear that there is no ability to raise. Or to give up custody, by the parents of minors the location of the village committee, is our Zhoushan community, through community consent to the selected guardians." Before the broadcast, Ms. Cao called us, said Luo Men at a local school for children of migrant workers are willing to receive this child, community said, will help the children for admission procedures.

舟山一女子养了孙子6年 上户口才知非儿子亲骨肉住在舟山普陀沈家门的曹女士最近烦恼不断,先是养了6年的孙子,亲子鉴定发现不是亲骨肉,接着,孩子上户口,又遇到了麻烦。孩子今年6岁,在老家出生后就由曹女士抚养。孩子的妈妈小童是普陀展茅螺门人,生孩子时才20周岁,当时正和曹女士的儿子小王谈恋爱,那时小王未满22周岁,不到法定结婚年龄,两个人没有登记结婚。孩子出生一年多后,小童入狱,之后没了消息。为给孩子办理户籍登记,曹女士向派出所咨询办理流程,“老家的派出所说男孩要亲子鉴定一下,鉴定是你儿子的,就可以给他入户口。”5月份,他们委托上海一家法医物证司法鉴定所做了亲子鉴定,但结果让他们大吃一惊:排除小王为这个男孩的生物学父亲。派出所表示,这种情况下,必须找到孩子的生母。曹女士告诉记者,“非要他妈妈和本人身份证拿来,就可以把孩子出生证明办出来了,到派出所户口就能办好了。”几经辗转,曹女士找到了孩子的生母小童,“她跟我说,我和你儿子不可能了,我说不可能也没关系,你走就走,可不可以回来看小孩,她说长大了我会管他的,有钱了我会管他的,这一年多都没联系过了。”曹女士说,如果孩子的生母愿意抚养这个孩子,她们愿意将孩子交出,但必须支付这六年来孩子的抚养费,如果生母不愿意抚养,她愿意继续抚养孩子,但是生母必须配合做好孩子办理户籍的手续,并支付之前六年以及今后的抚养费。螺门社区工作人员经过沟通联系了解到,孩子的生母小童目前不在本地,关于抚养孩子,并无意愿。浙江六和(舟山)律师事务所律师 周世忠表示,曹女士和儿子小王有权向孩子生母小童追讨抚养孩子的费用,如果曹女士要继续抚养孩子,还需进行监护权认定,“首先要征求女方以及女方父母的书面意见,就是他们明确表示没有抚养能力,或者是放弃监护,可以由未成年人父母所在地的村委会,就是我们舟山的社区,经过社区的同意,去选定监护人。”节目播出前,曹女士给我们打来了电话,说螺门当地一家民工子弟学校愿意接收这个孩子,社区方面表示,将帮助孩子办理好入学手续。相关的主题文章: